Large Bowel Obstruction after Colonoscopy; A Case Report

Zohreh Bari, Hafez Fakheri, Hossein Sardarian


Postpolypectomy bleeding and perforation are the major complications of colonoscopy. This report presents a rare case of colon obstruction immediately after colonoscopy. A 56-year-old man underwent colonoscopy because of 6 months lower abdominal pain. Colonoscopy revealed diverticulosis and multiple small sessile polyps in sigmoid colon. Biopsy samples were taken from the polyps and the procedure was continued up to cecum. Soon after the procedure, the patient complained of colicky abdominal pain accompanied by diaphoresis. In physical examination, the abdomen seemed distended and bowel sounds were high-pitched. There was no abdominal tenderness or guarding. Plain and upright abdominal radiography showed multiple colonic air-fluid levels. Immediately, the patient underwent second colonoscopy, but passage of scope through sigmoid colon (at the site of biopsies) was somewhat hard because of edema and spasm. The colonoscope proceeded gently up to cecum and decompressed the entire colon by suctioning the air that was entrapped in proximal parts. By second colonoscopy and further conservative treatments, the patient's condition improved without any surgical procedure and was discharged after 24 hours.


Colonoscopy; Lower abdominal pain; Polyp

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