Complications of Colonoscopy and its management: A Single Gastroenterologist Experience

Anahita Sadeghi, Reza Malekzadeh



Colonoscopy is a widely used procedure and although is generally safe, it could have both gastrointestinal and non-gastrointestinal complications. The aim of this report is to assess the major complications of colonoscopies performed by one expert gastroenterologist and their management in Tehran Iran.



We have recoded the rates of adverse events and their management in all the colonoscopies performed by a single expert gastroenterologist during 23 years (1994-2017). Demographic factors including age, race, and sex, and colonoscopy findings and patients’ comorbidities were recorded.



During 23 years, 9012 colonoscopies and about 1700 polypectomies were performed. The number of serious complications was six (0.07%). Colonic perforation occurred in five patients (0.06%); three of whom had undergone polypectomies. All cases of colonic perforation were managed by surgery and all were discharged with no complications. One patient suffered from cardiac arrest just after colonoscopy in the recovery room and died 20 days after colonoscopy (0.01%).



Although the rate of adverse events after colonoscopy was low, it is still an important concern in developing screening recommendations in low and middle-income countries.


Colon perforation, Colonoscopy,Complication, Screening, Colon Cancer

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