Correlation between Clinical Symptoms and Lab Tests with Endoscopic Severity Indexes in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Sanaz Soleymani, Azadeh Moradkhani, Masoumeh Eftekhari, Fatemeh Rahmanian, Seyed Hamid Moosavy



The Crohn’s Disease Endoscopic Index of Severity (CDEIS) and the Ulcerative Colitis Endoscopic Index of Severity (UCEIS) are two validated endoscopic scoring system to evaluate patients with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). We conducted this study to evaluate the correlation between clinical symptoms and lab tests with these indexes in patients with Crohn’s disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC).


 In this analytical study, 373 consecutive patients referred to Shahid Mohammadi Hospital with IBD were enrolled. All patients underwent complete ileocolonoscopy, and the endoscopic severity indexes (CDEIS and UCEIS) were calculated, and their relation with clinical symptoms and lab tests was evaluated.


 Fever observed only in six patients (1.6%). It was associated with significantly higher CDEIS and UCEIS (P=0.02 and p<0.001, respectively). Also, diarrhea was correlated with significantly higher UCEIS (p <0.001). The mean fecal calprotectin was 647.64 ± 409.37 µg/g in CD and 567.30 ± 342.49 µg/g in UC patients. Higher calprotectin level was observed in patients with higher CRP level (p =0.001), erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) level, CDEIS, and UCEIS (r=0.438; 0.473; and 0.517; respectively, all with p <0.001).


 Our study showed that although fever and diarrhea are associated with higher endoscopic severity scores in patients with IBD, no clinical symptom could reliably predict the endoscopic results, alone. Furthermore, higher fecal calprotectin level is associated with higher ESR and C reactive protein levels, CDEIS, and UCEIS.


Inflammatory bowel diseases; Crohn’s Disease Endoscopic Index of Severity; Ulcerative Colitis Endoscopic Index of Severity; Fecal calprotectin

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