Electrocautery Incisional Therapy for Refractory Anastomotic Stricture in a Child: Report from Ahvaz, Iran

Hazhir Javaherizadeh, Marjaneh Khalighi, Shahnam Askarpour, Afshin Rezazadeh


Endoscopic electrocautery incisional therapy is one of the methods for the treatment of refractory esophageal stricture among adult cases. There are few reports among children. Herein we report the successful use of electrocautery incisional therapy for a 13-year-old boy with an anastomotic stricture who was visited in our hospital due to poor feeding and inability to feed. The boy had undergone gastric resection due to gastric necrosis. This is the first report of electrocautery surgery using a needle knife for the treatment of benign esophageal stricture in our country.


Electrocautery Incisional Therapy; Refractory Anastomotic Stricture; Refractory esophageal stricture

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