Pancreatic Tuberculosis: A Case Report

A Ghanbari


Pancreatic tuberculosis is a rare condition but as a result of increasing migration, tuberculosis is expanding internationally. We present a case of pancreatic tuberculosis in a 25 years old woman who presented with fever, and epigastric mass with pain. CT scan finding was compatible with pancreatic abscess, laparoscopic finding showed caseous materials. Granuloma was found in histology of pancreatic tissue and peri-pancreatic lymph nodes along with Acid Fast Bacill (AFB). A multi-cystic heterogonous mass with some peri-pancreatic adenopathies on CT scan imaging may be good evidence for pancreatic tuberculosis diagnosis. Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) to confirm a diagnosis of pancreatic tuberculosis may preclude unnecessary laparatomies.


Pancreas; Tuberculosis; Iran

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